It all starts with getting to know each other

Come round for the evening and tell me about how the two of you met. Tell me your hopes and plans. Every wedding is as unique as the two people promising to love each other.

I can help you think through your plans for the day. I might even have done a wedding at your venue before. But most of all, we can see check we get along, and that you like what you see. My past couples say I'm easy to get on with and ever so helpful, and that's exactly what I'll be for you, too.

Another great way to get over the nerves is to take up my offer of a pre-wedding portrait. I think this is so important that the session is included absolutely for free for anyone planning their wedding, if you haven't yet booked a photographer and I am available on the wedding date you have in mind.

In winter, these sessions are usually indoors in my home studio. The rest of the year, it's great to get outdoors for a walk in a quiet park or some other favourite location.

It's fun and relaxed (just like your wedding day is going to be :-). It's a bit more time to get to know each other.

I can give you some hints on looking your best. 

Plus you might want one of these photos as a canvas, or put several of them together to make a signing book for best wishes at the reception...

So when it comes to the wedding day, it's no worries, we know this is going to turn out well.

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