Your Wedding Day Photos

I'll document your day from getting ready through to your first dance and beyond. But most of the time you'll hardly know I'm there, as I am in the background, capturing all the details and emotions of your day.

Getting Ready

I love to be there in time for some getting-ready photos. I can get some "before and after" photos, buttoning up the dress, and photos with your family and bridesmaids. It also means I get to know your family and bridesmaids a bit, which helps everyone feel relaxed together.

The Ceremony

At the ceremony, I'll be sure to cover your arrival, along with walking up the aisle, saying your vows and exchanging rings. I'll keep an eye open for any special details you've arranged, and for family and friends' reactions, too. Then it's signing the register and your grand exit.

Special Portraits of the two of you

After the ceremony is the time for some of your best photos, as everyone relaxes. There will no doubt be group photos, which I'll do as quickly as possible (with the help of one or two of your family to get the next group ready).

And be sure to set aside time for special portraits of the two of you - those are the photos you'll want on your wall! This is when you can chill out and enjoy a bit of you-time for the first time as a married couple.

You went to a lot of trouble choosing a great venue, and my photos always make the most of you in that location.

And finally, you get to see all your photos.