Video Portraits

We all have special people in our lives. Portrait photos are a great way to make a lasting memory of our loved ones.

But try and picture someone in your mind's eye, and I bet you hear their voice, you see them raise a smile.

So how much better to combine still photos with movie clips and sound to really capture a moment in your life, a person that you love.

Natural, relaxed, you being yourself. Sometimes it might work well for me to ask a few questions and get you talking.

But mostly it will be you being you. No posing, no feeling awkward.

I come to you, so you are on home territory, and that becomes part of the scenery. 

Using multiple cameras, I put together a 10-15 minute video, combining video clips, stills and sound recordings from our time together, and an ad-length highlight reel ideal for sharing with family and friends.

As for traditional portrait sessions, you can also order the digital stills, framed photos or canvases, as you wish.

Take a look at these ways to make the most of Video Portraits...

Mums' and Dads' Memories

Lita - 1-min Why not commission a Film and Photo production of your Mum or Dad? I'll ask them about when they were little and what their life was like then. If they have a few old photos, we can chat about those. The resulting recording will be a lasting memory to pass down the generations.

Family Films

Don't they grow up fast! Let's put together a mini-documentary on you and your baby, your toddler, your growing family. I'll just hang out with you and grab a flavour of your life as a family. 

Couples' Clips

Getting together with someone you love is a really special time in life. Celebrate a new (or even not so new) relationship with a video portrait session. You can talk about what brought you together, your hopes for the future, or whatever makes you, well, you.

Pets are Part of the Family

I'm happy to include, or even feature pets in your Video Portrait production. 

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