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01 Opening - Sax (All)02 Wild at Heart (Chooitz)03 Enchantment Under the Sea (Diamonds & Diamantes)04 Chitty Chitty MaSh MaSh (Kettering Krew)05 Shake It Like It's Hot (Rushton Rollers)06 Grooving Up To Funky Town (Islip Icicles etc.)07 School Of Magic (Sugar Coated)08 Beat It (Divas)09 You Never Can Tell (Kettering Krew)10 Small Soldiers, Big Attitudes (Poptarts)11 Millie (Liz's Mods & Mills)12 Yeah! (Islip IceCubz etc.)13 The Elephant March (Dazzlers)14 Battle Of The Legends (MaShmallows)15 Chicago (Kettering Krews & Klass)