Bedford Wedding Photographer: Stevie and Christina at Elstow Abbey and Bedford Blues

August 07, 2015

Stevie and Christina got married at Elstow Abbey in Kempston, Bedford. Then after some special photos on the Embankment, on to the reception at Bedford Blues rugby club marquee. 

Stevie and Christina | Our Story

The beautiful bride redy for her big dayBedford Wedding Photographer


1) How we first met 


On a night out in Bedford. I was waiting at the bar and Stevie came over and started talking to me and bought me a drink. I then took his number and left to go to another bar. The next thing Stevie was in the bar as well and we spent the rest of the night talking.
The following day I agreed to meet up with him, but I bottled out and didn’t go. We then arranged a date the following week. I agreed to pick him up but he had just moved house and I wasn’t sure where it was so I pulled up near to what I thought was the address and text him to say I was waiting outside. Turns out I was parked about a 10 minute walk away from the address and Stevie thought when he was walking to meet me that I wasn’t going to be there and his mates were setting him up.
Our first date was a trip to the cinema in the Xscape at Milton Keynes where we went to watch an awful film, which was my choice and to this day Stevie still reminds me what a rubbish film it was. We didn’t hang around to see the end instead opted for the pub. 
That was our one and only date and pretty much after that we were inseparable. The rest as they say is history.

The young ring bearer does his job wellBedford Wedding Photographer

2) When I knew he/she was the one 
Bride about the Groom – There was no significant point in our relationship that made me think Stevie was the one more like a number of things. Since the moment I met Stevie he has always been there for me. He will do almost anything for me and I love being with him and around him. I think the birth of our son was what really cemented it for me. I believe having a child with someone is just as big a commitment as tying the knot!!


Groom about the Bride – The more time I spent with Christina the more I knew she was the one. She is always there for me and I can rely on her no matter what. 

A proud Dad walks his daughter down the aisle at Elstow AbbeyBedford Wedding Photographer First look when the Groom sees his beautiful bride, at Elstow AbbeyBedford Wedding Photographer

3) The proposal 
We were going on holiday to Tenerife with my parents and our 20 month old son Archie. The night before we were due to fly we stayed in a hotel near to the airport.
The day before we were going to the hotel I was moaning at Stevie as he was acting very strange and I didn’t know why. All became clear when we were sitting down having dinner at the hotel. Stevie turned to me and stated ‘’you know I have been acting strange well’’ and then he got down on one knee and mumbled will you marry me?
It turns out a week before Stevie had asked my parents permission and my mum had the ring in her handbag. He was going to wait till we were on holiday to ask me but my mum panicked that I would spot the ring. 
When Stevie first popped the question I just kept saying ‘’how have you managed this without me knowing, I know everything you do’’. I had no idea what he was planning but of course I said yes!

The best Man delivers the rings, at Elstow AbbeyBedford Wedding Photographer You may kiss the BrideBedford Wedding Photographer

4) The one thing we love most about each other


Bride about the Groom – His caring thoughtful nature


Groom about the Bride – Her sense of humour

Bride and Groom in the VW camper van at Elstow AbbeyBedford Wedding Photographer

5) You may not know, but... 


Bride about the Groom – Silly he has me stitches half the town with his clowning around. 


Groom about the Bride – Funny some of things she comes out with. 

On the footbridge on The Embankment, BedfordBedford Wedding Photographer

6) We wish we had known earlier about planning a wedding that...


How very time consuming it can be, you need to be organised. Plan your budget and stick to it as things can easily spiral out of control.
I made a lot of things myself for the wedding which saved a lot of money. It took time but I’m glad I was able to put a bit of personal touch to our big day. 

Bride and Groom at the bandstand, The Embankment, Bedford Bedford Wedding Photographer The Bride and Groom walk along the Embankment, BedfordBedford Wedding Photographer

Our Wedding Vendors 


Photography: Mike Brown Photographic
Ceremony Location: Elstow Abbey in Bedford
Reception Location: The Marquee Bedford Rugby Club 
Dress: Celebration Services Kempston Bedford 
Florist: Deana L’Erario Springfield Flowers
Catering: Doreen Lambert of Bedford
Transport: Campers 4 Weddings
DJ: Eddie L’Erario Sonikwaves
Photobooth: Timeless Entertainment
Venue Décor: Dolly’s Vintage Tea Rooms 
Table Décor: Dress it yourself 
Chair Covers: Tony Milloti

Fun at the reception, the marquee, Bedford Blues rugby clubBedford Wedding Photographer

Bride and Groom cutting the cake, at the marquee, Bedford Blues rugby clubBedford Wedding Photographer